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    Address a growing psychological and 

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We need your help desperately. We need to raise money, organize, deliver flyers and teach all of our voting neighbors
Our Mission is to improve educational quality while getting better control of school costs.
Membership is free and we need the help

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Sachem's $306,407,294 Budget Passed 

Tax Increase is 0.76% ($40 per Yr)
 Budget increase        $8,044 089

Elected  Trustees, Mr. Matlat, Mr. Falco and Mrs. Wottowa


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SPEAK OUT! Share views with thousands of Residents and Teachers
Fred sues BOE  demands $20 million budget cut
 Listen to Scavo admit to over taxing you since 2006 
See Singer affidavit denying Savo's statement
Commissioners Decision   
See Sachem's 2010 Fund Balance record $60 Million  
 BOE raises the budget rather than return over taxation
Since 2006 Fund Balance inc $15 MIL Budgets $11 MIL & Expenses $3 MIL
 Listen to $10 Million TAN that could reduced taxes to 0%
 Listen to Trustee on Excel TAN 
Listen to Trustee demand Board end overtaxing scam  

Listen to No Layoff-$ 7 Million over taxation Budget
Listen to  overtax  $20 Million to save $100,000 
 Listen to abstract Budget planing void of actual cost  
Listen to Trustee Tony Falco pick your pocket    
See $7Million Workers Comp-Tax scam to over tax you

East High School

of Lies 

Blunders &


Should you trust a Board that gets nothing right?
How many times must we pay for the same thing?

 New 07-8 Capital Projects  
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District's Financial Plan 
BOE  lies  to voters & threatens to cut programs to create  $48 million Fund Balance


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   The clock is running out for Long Island

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Parents with special needs children the forum includes, tremendous information on needs and programs. It's worth a look especially if you need  help and are getting a runaround
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is the Bragging Rights worth
 the risk to  HS  Athletes
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CNN Report on New Jersey Turf Field Colsing

Fred Gorman
Join the
The  Watch
It  is the only taxpayer
Call 588-6161
 to attend a  meeting
 Sachem Watch
Box 372, Nesconset11767

If next Year's Budget passes  taxes will increase by 
Every vote counts. This year’s budget only passed by 18 votes

This is how the school tax cap works
If a school district submits a budget that is within the cap, a simple majority vote can pass it. If it fails, the
school district may have a second vote, but if the second vote fails, or the district chooses not to resubmit
the budget, the tax levy will be frozen at the previous year’s level.

Lkewise, if a school district submits a budget that exceeds the cap, a super majority vote of 60% is needed for passage. If it fails, the district may have a second vote. If the budget fails twice, or the district chooses not to resubmit, the tax levy will be frozen at the previous year’s level

  For Governor's reasons to cap property taxes